Must Haves for a Gluten-Free Kitchen: Pans, Pans, & More Pans!

A little over a month ago I was fortunate to be a part of the Gluten & Allergen – Free Expo as both a presenter and an author.  There I gave a presentation titled “Cooking For Your Gluten-Free Teen & Family”.  After telling our story and reason behind writing a cookbook, I decided to share my “must haves” for a gluten-free kitchen.  When I spent more than 50% of the presentation answering questions and being an “expert” I knew it was a huge hit.  Afterwards, one participant visited our Author Table to tell me that the presentation was worth the entire weekend of traveling and attending the expo.  What a compliment!

Learning to cook gluten-free is like telling someone who has been writing right handed their entire life to stop everything and only write left handed.  In other words, it’s forgetting almost everything you knew and learning to do it in a whole different way.  I’d like to think that living and running a gluten-free household is nothing new for me, but I am definitely a beginner at teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.  The entire reason behind our cookbook was to help others.  Our family spent quite some time experimenting and discovering what really works.  If we can help other people learn how to have a gluten-free household and not reinvent the wheel like we did, then our mission is accomplished.

Because May is National Celiac Awareness Month I thought it would be fitting to begin a series: The Must Haves of a Gluten-Free Kitchen.  What has now become the obvious wasn’t always.  This first post is about pans – I know very exciting!  Seriously though, these are items that I literally use every day in multiple ways in our kitchen.  Here is my list of must have pans:

  • Sheet pans
  • Cooling racks
  • Hamburger and hotdog bun pans
  • Pizza tray
  • Doughnut pan

pans, pans, and more pans

Some of these we use more than others, but none the less I highly recommend investing in all of the above.  In the beginning it seems foreign to have pans for things you used to buy like hamburger buns and doughnuts, but believe me you will be thankful!  After eating gluten-free for almost a year and wasting money on products that tasted like cardboard (and you know exactly which ones I’m talking about), I decided it was time to start making my own.  Luckily the recipes in the cookbook are simple and fairly quick that even a non-baker can follow along.

We use sheet pans for everything, so stock up – french fries, drying rack for pasta salad, spring rolls, ribs, crispy chicken, cookies and more.  Ordering pizza every Friday is a family tradition.  Now that we’re gluten-free, we make our own.  Pizza pans are affordable and well worth it – I recommend getting two.

What am I missing?  What are some of your favorite pans now that you’re a master (or at least in training) gluten-free chef?  My husband constantly tells me to stop buying kitchen gadgets, but it’s a slight addiction, so bring on the suggestions!



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  1. very true, learning to cook gluten free is like starting writing by left hand when you are a right handed person. It gets really difficult…

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