No Hummus In My Pockets!

I have asked a close friend, Kym Costa to be a guest blogger this week.  I met Kym as my Pilates instructor many years ago and have since formed a wonderful relationship.  As a true health advocate, Kym is a great resource to our family and community!

I haven’t felt great for the past year or so.  My stomach always seemed to hurt, I felt bloated and like I’d better know where the closest restroom is…just in case.  I recently received the results from my food allergy tests which showed I have a high intolerance to gluten, wheat, and rye.  So, now I’ve started the overwhelming process of “going gluten-free”.

I’m so grateful to have Carlyn Berghoff and her new book “Cooking for Your Gluten Free Teen” as a reference to help me eliminate gluten.   I truly thought the process would be much harder, but the cookbook has taught me ways to keep things easy and still eat what I want!

I struggled in the beginning with how to pack gluten-free snacks, as I’m sure many gluten-free people or parents of children that are gluten-free do.  I’ve found that as an adult we can carry fruit or veggies in our bags or purses, but for kids the usual pretzels and chips or carrots and hummus don’t work when all you have are pockets.

The solution is one my favorite snacks and something that I truly believe in – Juice Plus.  I found Juice Plus four years ago when I was dealing with other health issues and have since become a Wellness Coordinator for the company.  Its gluten free, NSF certified, Kosher, and an easy convenient way to get in more antioxidants and help the body heal or maintain good health.

One of my favorite things about Juice Plus is that it’s a great snack that is super easy to carry and is packed full of nutrition.  Juice Plus is high quality fruit, veggies, and berries that are picked at the height of their ripeness, juiced right away and dried at a low temperature as to not lose their nutrition.  Then the produce powders are placed in a capsule or made into a chewable, which are the tasty gum drop like treats that are both easy to carry and to snack on!


Best of all…it’s FREE for our kids!  The company behind Juice Plus, NSA, is celebrating their 20th anniversary and has over 150,000 kids involved in a program called the Children’s Health Study.  NSA is on a mission to get the next generation of kids healthier and it’s working.  The results from the study show 60% of the children were missing fewer days of school, 66% of the children were visiting the doctors less and 89% of the children were more aware of their health.

If you order the product for yourself (and why wouldn’t you!), you can chose to enroll in the Children’s Health Study.  This provides the product to your child (ages 4 to full time college student) at no cost to you.  You will pay for the shipping of your child’s Juice Plus, but NSA picks up the tab for the rest!

If you’d like a sample of the Juice Plus chewables, shoot me an email with your address.  If you’d like more information or are ready to order call me or check out my website:

Here’s to staying healthy and finding easy ways to eat gluten-free!

Kym Costa                                                                                                                                     Juice Plus Wellness Coordinator
Cell: 312-208-1603                                                                                                                   Email:                                                                                      Website: or





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