Gluten-Free Traveling

Traveling is a pain! Long story short you have to pack a food bag and lug it around with you EVERYWEHRE.  If you choose not to (like I once did), you’ll get super hungry and super cranky very fast.  Trust me!

Some items I pack in MY food bag are: pretzels (they make everything better), fruit, turkey or ham, banana bread (gluten free of course), fruit snacks, crackers, and popcorn. But it’s all about what YOU want in your snack bag, and it depends on what is in your fridge and pantry. Have fun with it though; I always like to pack a little treat for myself, like Swedish fish or Starburst. Yummmmm! I know it sounds mean but I am very territorial of my food bag.  If I allow my family members to pack their food in it, I get stuck lugging it around.  I’ve found it’s best to tell them to just pack THEIR own bag!

Unfortunately you’ll run into situations where you will forget your food bag, like I did today. Don’t fret.  This is why I always keep pretzels in the car. As I said earlier, pretzels make everything better when you are a Celiac. They get rid of your stomach aches plus they taste good and hold up well while traveling.


I forgot my food bag last week while traveling and of course was first worried, but soon learned that lots of stores in the airports are getting KIND bars. Those can hold you over for a bit as well as the NAKED drinks (not all are gluten free, so check before you drink them) and fruit. Sometimes I get caught in situations where there’s only gluten free junk food to eat. Unfortunately it stinks, but that’s your only option. It doesn’t happen often so just don’t feel bad about it. Oh I almost forgot – always travel with a doctor’s note allowing you to carry ice packs and food with you.

thermos lunch bag with freeze packs to illustrate text that tells how to pack lunch

I’ve only needed it once, and of course was without it. They can be nasty about you having your food and if they do, you fight RIGHT BACK. Trust me, it works. Simply say “I have a severe allergy to wheat and gluten and there is nothing else I can eat here”. If they still don’t allow it, more of the nasty needs to come out. I shouldn’t call it nasty because in reality you are sticking up and advocating for yourself. Don’t be nervous about being more aggressive, because people don’t know what you have to deal with on a daily basis and in the end you have to fight for yourself!

Be prepared, pack your food, and remember to always advocate for yourself!



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